Punch Of The Month!

There’s been a huge resurgence of interest in Punch over the last year, and i expect it to continue. (I’m gonna give David Wonderich the lions share of credit for this.) We at VH would like to answer that call (oh yes, there was a call). Every month we will feature a different punch. These won’t be be listed on the menu. You can get a single serving or an entire bowl, whatever suits you and yours…Some of these punches will be classics, others will be playful variations (all will be delicious)
Up first: Rum Emanuel Punch – Smith & Cross Rum, Weller Special Reserve Bourbon, Earl Grey Tea, St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram, Cocchi Americano, Angostura Bitters, Grated Nutmeg, Fresh Lemon Juice….an oleo saccharum (somewhat laborious….it does however make a world of difference. ¬†entirely worth it)

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Blog On…

Howdy folks
this is the initial post
for the essential blog
of the Bartenders of the Violet Hour

we hope this blog will prove to be a useful resource for everything cocktail and beyond.
we will be posting recipes, discussing drinks, dispelling rumours, and hopefully providing a zesty forum for
all thing booze

party on damen (frequently uttered at last call. ie. “theres a party on damen, and you are all invited”)
will also be your one stop source for whats new at the Bar.

we are excited to add a few ramblings of our own
to the on going cocktail conversation



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