Collective Cocktail Consciousness


The Lions Tale: A cocktail for the time being

The Lion’s Tail is the hot cocktail right now.  In the last month I can think of at least ten instances when this cocktail has been the subject of inquiry.  An interesting phenom tends to happen at this, and presumably other, cocktail bars called Collective Cocktail Consciousness. As a bartender you will see a handful of slightly offbeat cocktails hold people’s attention for a small period of time then promptly disappear.  Maybe it’s the close-knit cocktail community, the influx of cocktail books and products, the proliferation of social media and meme (real word), or just the cosmic alignment of preferred intoxication. Or maybe I’m crazy.

Remember the Maine anyone?

How bout a Blue Moon?

Maybe an Old Pal/Boulevardier?

Did you know Toronto has a  cocktail named after it?

Any others I am missing?  Does this actually happen? You tell me.

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2 Responses to Collective Cocktail Consciousness

  1. KD says:

    I think so. The great ones tend to make a name for themselves after being plucked from obscurity and remain in the collective consciousness right below the level of classic, a la the Last Word.

  2. That is how it seems to work. Someone tries to revive something, everyone tries it, and for the most part is returns to where it came from because it was there for a reason. Also, thanks for the link. Really appreciate it.

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